Summer movies

I think it may say something about The Dark Knight Rises that, a week after seeing it, I found the second thing I remember most about it is seeing Brent Briscoe playing a small role as the veteran cop who apologizes to Batman because of his young partner. (Brent and I had an acting class together 31 years ago when I was a freshman.) Generally disappointing.

We saw Total Recall today. I read someone describe it as a cross between Robocop and Blade Runner, and that’s about right. The central macguffin of the movie (“central” — see what I did there?) is mouth-breathingly stupid, especially if you have even a rudimentary understanding of physics. Yet, it’s still not as stupid as the macguffin from the original movie, so there’s that. Overall, it was pretty to look at, and remarkably less idiotic than it could have been. Still pretty forgettable, though.


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