Ten Minutes ’til the Savages Come

A modern gladiator reenters the arena of his greatest triumphs to solve the mystery of the death of a woman who loved him. On a snowy winter night, a reporter contemplates the fate of his wife, and finds answers to questions he never even imagined asking. The wife of a late movie legend learns the world isn’t ready to let him rest in peace. A man and a woman come face to face with a choice that was made for them before they ever met. In the back streets of the city at night, modern hunters stalk a prey with targets of his own.

Ten Minutes ’til the Savages Come is a collection of 11 stories examines mystery, magic, love, abject silliness and, most of all, finding purpose beyond the emptiness that comes with terrible loss. When the veneer of civilization and our cherished illusions of what we believe to be real are stripped away, we learn an important lesson.

Sometimes they come from without, sometimes they come from within, but when it’s after midnight in the city, we have only ten minutes ’til the savages come.


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